Dienstag, 20. Januar 2015

Animated Short FIlm

Lost Cubert is a second year student project from the University of Applied Siences in Wiesbaden, Germany. The allegory is about life, work, repetition and the complete loss of identity. The animated short film was realized in a mixture of traditional handdrawn animation, 3D-Computer renderings and rotoscoping technigues.
This blog features various background materials, working steps and screening dates from around the world.



"We're all used to the tap-tap of a keyboard by now, but isolate it in a wordless, Kafkaesque nightmare like these creators do, and you get something more than a little unnerving." -The Verge

 "This short animation perfectly sums up those workdays from hell - And you thought you were having a bad day." -FastCompany

 "Un enfermement géométrique, répétitif, et hypnotique vécu par un personnage
littéralement enfermé autour d'un bureau cubique dont il est prisonnier, condamné à effectuer les
mêmes tâches." -Le Figaro

"Un día, algo convertirá esa constante repetición en una terrible pesadilla." -Sopitas